Our partners

The Jean-Noël Thorel Foundation endowment fund was created in 2014 by Jean-Noël Thorel. In 2018, Jean-Noël Thorel and Céline Nebout have endowed it with the assets of the Jean-Noël Thorel Institution, the parent company ensuring the governance and control of the NAOS company. Its founder wished to establish a work of aid and mutual aid intended to realize human potential, in order to make the world a better place – in particular, by giving each person the possibility and the strength to be themselves, and by considering the fact that a right alignment of body, heart and mind are factors of global health for people and humanity.

Think and Do Tank, ProPhil is a research and consulting company dedicated to the contribution of companies to the common good, which supports entrepreneurs committed to implementing alternative strategies. Prophil’s mission is to identify new economic models that serve the common good and to support pioneering entrepreneurs

L’International Panel on Behavior Change is an international and large interdisciplinary group of scientists aroud behavior has formed and worked over past year to define the objectives and methodology of the IPBC.

In order to optimize the scientific and societal relevance of IPBC productions, we have launched 3 working groups (WG): scientists (WG1), economic actors (WG2), other stakeholders and institutions (WG3) 

What they plan

Main and Thematic Reports that will summarize the state-of-the-art knowledges on environmentally related behavior change.

Scanning all fundamental and applied disciplines (> 30) around behavior / Human Factor (HF) on an unprecedented scale, for policies, indicators & practices more robust and  predictive, for real sustainable, desirable and fair transitions.

Eranos is a strategic consulting firm bridging the gap between business and the humanities, and specialized in Societal Transformation.

For 15 years, and across more than 10 countries, we’ve helped corporations transform by aiming for more socially-contributive models, focused on supporting life along with the means necessary to commercial and production activities. By thriving for both growth and the habitability of the world, we allow for the sustainable-development of businesses.