Many leaders, both for their own sake and to be able to identify and support tomorrow’s talent, express the need for a new type of training-transformation cycle for individuals.


"Straight from the heart"

It is an 18-month course, with a group of peers (leaders), and with the active participation of a group of people (speakers, leaders, experts, researchers) in order to promote individual and collective transformation.

The course is divided into successive modules, with inspiring sessions and learning sessions (case studies, practical exercises, etc.).

During the latter, participants will find tools and methods (role-playing, empathy sessions, co-development …) to develop their heart’s intelligence and reach the individual challenges and goals they set at the beginning of the course.

The course is designed specifically for the participating leaders, based on their needs and self-assessments.

Straight from the heart is an executive education program designed for company managers and executive committee members.

The objective

To develop the intelligence of the heart, without forgetting that a company must remain efficient. We want to help managers to take a “step aside” and imagine alternative solutions.

The idea

This peer-to-peer learning program combines real-life situations, expertise and exchanges, to acquire the skills that are essential for 21st century leadership.

A real journey , participants meet leaders and experts who have already put their heart’s intelligence at the service of their company.

8 two-day sessions spread over 18 months to rethink/transform the way you lead, innovate and create

Jan 2023
Myself and others

Module 1

March 2023
Love for life : Living things and the planet : knowing and taking care of life; understanding the issues we’re facing today; articulate economy and ecology

Module 2

May 2023
Acting in the heart of power : New forms of financial and human governance

Module 3

Sept 2023
The courage to be oneself : Overcome your fears, dare to be yourself, dare to be true

Module 4

Nov 2023
Create and innovate with heart : reconcile ethics and business

Module 5

Jan 2024
Co-create and act as a collective

Module 6

March 2024
Accounting for what really matters

Module 7

May 2024
Well-being and performance

Module 8

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