The project



Following the words of Saint-Exupéry, “one can only see well with the heart, what is essential is invisible to the eyes”, Jean-Noël Thorel, founder and CEO of NAOS, is convinced that a manager, today and tomorrow, can develop an essential, vital aptitude: the intelligence of the heart.

After having hired many CEOs and CXOs, Jean-Noël Thorel became convinced that although candidates for an interview have impressive CVs, they do not necessarily have other essential qualities such as courage, empathy or intuition. 


These exist in each of us, but can be reinforced and put into practice in the professional environment. These skills are an essential springboard for preserving and strengthening our humanity, for taking care of each and everyone. The dazzling expansion of the economy and technologies, the rise of artificial intelligence, the observation of deepening inequalities: these are all sources of fundamental questions about our collective future and the positive role that a leader can play to foster a desirable future – with new, unpredictable realities – while preserving and making prosper what is beautiful, good, true, fair – and having affirmed our humanity rather than disintegrating it.

In this short and insightful video, Jean-Noël Thorel (founder and president of NAOS-Bioderma) presents his founding intuition for HLU. He reminds us that what is essential is invisible to the eyes, and that it is therefore particularly valuable to develop our intelligence of the heart. He shares our desire to dream together, to build a movement of leaders and a pioneering university to preserve our humanity in the 21st century.