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In line with our mission – to encourage leadership driven by the heart, and in so doing, to transform managers and their companies – we conduct independent, cross-disciplinary and innovative research. 

Guided by our Scientific Advisory Board, our work focuses on a singular area: relationships between humans, with other living beings and with non-living things. Largely unexplored, this field is nonetheless fundamental, given that relationships are at the heart of what makes us human.

Our current programmes focus on the manager and the exercise of leadership.

These are all questions that our work aims to document, disseminate and debate!

Nos dernières publications

Nos programmes actuels se concentrent sur le dirigeant et l’exercice du leadership.

Autant de questions que nos travaux visent à documenter, diffuser et mettre en débat !

En tant qu’association d’intérêt général, votre avis est essentiel à la poursuite de nos actions. Si une (ou plusieurs) de nos études vous a inspiré, aidé, révolté, dites-le nous en répondant à ce court questionnaire en ligne

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