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In line with HLU’s mission – to promote leadership driven by the heart, and in doing so, the transformation of the leader and their company – we carry out independent and innovative research on under-investigated fields of research.


What is the intelligence of the heart (HI), at the crossroads of emotional intelligence, empathy, love, intuition, courage; its obvious expressions and its impacts (negative or positive), the importance of “body-heart-mind” alignment and a holistic health approach (including for the leader).

Relationships, especially in the field of leadership and business:

-relationships between individuals: attitude of a leader towards close or distant people around him, raising issues such as the radius of empathy and ethics of the leader

-nature of relationships (rational or intuitive): the human as a “social being” interacting and making subjective decisions fueled by emotions, intuitions and a personal set of values, versus decisions that are increasingly data-driven or AI-produced

-biology and patterns of dominance and control within organizations,

-relations between entities such as a company and its stakeholders (type, quality, transformation of relations)

Forms of leadership driven by the heart: structures of governance that are favorable to heart leadership; means, methods, frames of reference that allow it to be carried out/reinforced in daily practice

On the evolutions of the imaginary of leadership (in the field of sociology of the imaginaries). What is commonly a “desired business leader” and by whom (according to social norms and personal preferences)? Who are the players who shape, support, transmit, transform this imaginary? What are the key levers (education, media, networks) to make significant changes in these imaginaries?  What about the courage of the leader as an individual among complex social groups and society : courage to act/decide, to speak the truth, to be oneself?

In order to investigate these research questions, we develop an interdisciplinary research: psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, behavioral and evolutionary biology, social neurosciences, behavioral economics, governance…

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