Isabelle Fontaine

Intuition: A theoretical and practical approach

Karine Conxicoeur

Emotional performance, self-knowledge

Jacques Fradin

A relaxed, mindful and empathetic leader

Hélène Le Teno

Business in the age of scarcity: theory and practice

Sylvain Breuzard

Principles of perma-company

Armin Steuernagel

Governance at the service of the mission

Geneviève Ferone

Gouvernance et post-croissance

Delphine Bottge

Shareholder foundations & Purpose economy

Laurence Sellincourt

The courage to be you

Frère Hugues Minguet

Ethics of the leader, courage

Dorothée Browaeys


Miroslav Radman

New challenges, opportunities and risks

Delphine Gibassier

A new way to count in the workplace

Philippe Compagnion

Levels of relationship

Alexis Nollet

The company at the disposal of an integral and sustainable development

Christophe Certain

Rethinking education and giving people the courage to be themselves

Clément Saint-Olive

La société du lien en pratique

Pierre Guérin

Genesis of the Resiliency Project

Emmanuel Druon

Ecolonomy in practice