of leadership

Competitive? Warrior? Paternalist? Creative? Powerful? Sensitive? Conductor? Charismatic? What are the imaginaries of business leader in the past, at present (through a survey of leaders, future leaders and young people), what are the perspectives and what are the efficient levers to influence these imaginaries? With HLU aiming to help preserve our humanity in the 21st century, we felt a need for a deeper understanding of the processes of “making” of imaginary of leadership within western societies. It seems urgent, necessary, to map, question, contribute to the renewal of the (various and changing) imaginaries of leadership – in order to bring a model of desirable leadership, inspired by life and driven by the heart, creator of economic activities that are truly useful to the world.

The study launched in June 2022 with the sociology firm Eranos has three parts:


Research partner

Eranos is a strategic consulting firm, bridging the gap between humanities and business, specialized in Societal Transformation of companies.