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First General Assembly for HLU !

Tuesday 28 May 2024 saw the first General Meeting of Heart Leadership University, three years after its creation in 2021!
It was an opportunity for Hélène le Teno, our President, to bring together alumni, participants in the ‘Straight from the heart’ programme and partners, and to take stock of these three years of existence.

  • Three classes of leaders, with a fourth class scheduled for autumn 2024
  • Three research-action programmes already completed (Imaginaries of Leadership, Heart Intelligence and corporate Governance, Heart Intelligence in Action, Obstacles and Levers) and a new study on AI planned for autumn 2024.
  • A partnership signed with the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants in April 2024.

A convivial evening enabling those who did not yet know each other to meet and exchange ideas and create synergies. Like the inclusive insurance project recently concluded between Anne Charpy, Founding Director of Voisin Malin, and Cyrille Vu, CEO of Seabird and Chairman of the Seabird Impact Foundation.