Heart intelligence

and corporate governance

Heart Leadership University (HLU) has been created as a disruptive university aiming at transforming leaders through organizations and through heart intelligence.

An 18-month training program for leaders has been designed to allow them to display their empathetic abilities, their intuition and their courage and to apply the intelligence of the heart  within their company.

The pilot edition took place from September 2021 to January 2023. This first edition of the “Straight from the heart” course is also the “field” of study for two complementary research-action programs: the first, led by psychologist and sociologist researchers from IPBC, aims to study the intelligence of the heart in practice among program leaders. The second, entrusted to ProPhil consultancy and research, focuses on the link between HI and the type of corporate governance.

It has the following objectives:


Research partner

Prophil is a mission-led company, specialized in research and consulting, focusing on companies’ contribution to the common good. They help committed entrepreneurs implement alternative strategies.