Heart intelligence:

inhibitors and levers

Heart Leadership University’s educative pilot program “Straight from the heart” has been designed as a transformative process for business leaders (developing a leadership driven by the intelligence of the heart, adopting new ways to manage, to innovate and to make strategic decisions).
We partnered with the IPBC (International Panel on Behavioral Change) to perform an 18-months long assessment of the impacts of the program on participating leaders and their companies, as well as to identify the obstacles & pre-conditions needed for Heart Leadership to occur.

IPBC has been grounded in 2018 as an international and large interdisciplinary group of scientists (from psychology, sociology to a large array of human and social sciences), aiming at building and sharing key knowledge, attitudes and levers for action, universal or contextualizable, as to facilitate the emergence of a more structurally and spontaneously sustainable, desirable and equitable world.

HLU aims that its new pilot exec program becomes a deeply transformative journey. Leadership practice can evolve significantly by using daily one’s “heart intelligence” (HI) which includes, among others: intuition, empathy, active listening, courage, consideration of emotions … The goal of the program is not only to develop HI as an essential and complementary leadership skill, but also to translate it into concrete actions of participating business leaders.
In this context, the IPBC contribution aims to: